Why ® Host Dry Carpet Cleaning Method?

Direct Window Cleaning Services® use the latest method to clean carpets.
We use Host® Dry Carpet Cleaning Method which use minimal water, therefore your carpets are dry before we leave your premises.Smile

We leaves carpets fresh, deep down cleaned ready for use immediatelySmile

Host Sponges are the cleaning agent used in conjunction with the Host Dry cleaning system. They dissolve and trap dirt. It is a natural product that contains a balanced blend of moisture, detergent and a small amount of safe-to-use solvents.The Sponges are bio-degradable.

Dry carpet cleaning it is are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe for children and pets

Dry Carpet Cleaning reduces allergens and improves indoor air quality. Leaves your carpet residue free and prolongs its life

Direct Window Cleaning Services use Dry Carpet Cleaning Method because it is fully endorsed by major carpet manufacturers. It Is safe for all types of carpet including sisal, wool and even delicate oriental rugs. Guarantees no shrinkage, no stretching & no color run

It is Eco Friendly product approved by Woolsafe and Greenseal

One clean will reduce:

Dust Mites by 78%,

Dust Mite Allergen by 75%,

Cat Allergen by 85%,

Mould Spores by 85%.


Please watch explanation and demonstration


[youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAFRoJnH6YE” width=”20″ height=”20″]
[youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pTWD2xMojY” width=”20″ height=”20″]