Reach & Wash Pole System

water fed pole window cleaning

window cleaning on high 5th floor

The water fed pole window cleaning  is exactly that, no chemicals, just 100% purified water. This is not only environmentally friendly, but will leave your windows sparkling clean with no smears or water droplet stains. The reason the revolutionary method is so effective is because water is pumped directly from our van.

The van holds 650 liters of water and is pumped out via hoses into an extendable pole. This has a specially adapted soft brush that can remove even the toughest dirt.

All of our prices are inclusive of the cleaning of your window frames and your window sills.

We can reach the most difficult to clean windows, from small flats to large businesses. We can clean windows up to 65 feet above ground level. That could be the 5th or 6th floor, depending on the building.

Using the Water fed pole we can clean windows, cladding, paneling, signs, fascias and canopies, all with outstanding results.