Dry carpet cleaning

Here’s a thought about using “Wet” methods of carpet cleaning

Water/Steam-based Systems = 25 Liters of water is used per 500 square feet of carpet
Only 70% of this is removed, leaving carpets wet and smelling dump!

500 sq.ft being cleaned  = 25 Liters of water used =
7.5 Liters of water left in your carpet to dry out !!!!!!!!

This can take hours, sometimes days to dry out!


Please watch explanation and demonstration




Dry Cleaning System

  Deep cleans, lifts/grooms matted pile in one step.

  Never any over wetting.

  No wick back of spots, stains or dirty areas.

  Sponges worked into and left in carpet long enough to actually clean it.

  Leaves no sticky residue to cause re-soiling.

  Never any wet carpet.

  Rooms back in use immediately after cleaning.

  No humidity from cleaning.

  No need for furniture protectors.

  Mould, mildew, dust mites & allergens removed.

  No damage from shrinkage, split seams

  HOST is all natural and safe for people and pets

  Safe & approved for all types of carpet and rugs

Water/Steam-Based Systems

  Does not lift pile.

  Wetting/Over wetting raises a number of issues.

  Spots/dirty areas wick back when carpet dries.

  Cleaning solutions often removed too quickly

  Detergent residue/moisture cause faster re-soiling.

  Carpet can take 6, 24 or more hours to dry.

  Rooms out of use until dry.

  May require fans/humidifiers to speed drying.

  Wet carpet may introduce unwanted humidity.

  High moisture increases mould & mildew.

  High moisture can cause shrinkage/split seams.

  Chemicals can be an eye and skin irritant.

  Not recommended for use on silk, wool, oriental    rugs, hand-loomed wool rugs, or natural fibers.



Category Rotary Wet Rotary Spin Pad Wet Extraction Dry Carpet Cleaning
Hourly Coverage 1000 sq ft 2000 sq ft 600 to 1000 sq ft 750 to 2000 sq ft
Traffic Downtime 6 to 24 hours 1 hour 6 to 24 hours None
Blending Ability Good Good Poor Excellent
Chance of Colors Bleeding Possible Possible Possible None
Amount of Residue Heaviest Heavy Little None
Resoil Rate Most Rapid Very Rapid Slow Very slow
Shrinkage / Seam Splitting Likely Unlikely Very Likely None
Mildew Likely Unlikely Very Likely None
Spot Wick back Very Likely Likely Unlikely None
Browning Possible Possible Possible None