Cladding cleaning

Direct WCS know it is important in business to project the right image. Un-cleaned, soiled, tired looking buildings, windows, fascias and signs can all detract from your company’s image. As we all know first impressions last.

Stained cladding and grimy walls of a commercial property can misrepresent the efficient and professional service therein. Using state of the art cleaning techniques we can transform your building from “grime to shine”.

We can keep your cladding fascias, wall, signs, glazing, paneling, and canopies gleaming and keep disruption to your business to minimum. We can work whatever hours suit your needs, whether weekends, evenings or both!

We utilise a range of access techniques for cladding and fascia cleaning and will advise you as to the most appropriate and cost effective method in each circumstance.

We carry out commercial window and cladding cleaning in Retail, Commercial, Public and Residential Blocks Our cladding cleaning services will make your cladding look like new.

Our chemical-free cleaning products and methods guarantee an environmentally friendly service, and our ability to operate all equipment from the ground means that our services are safe for us, your business and your clients.

We are happy to provide full details in a “no obligation” quotation